Product Management

The Product Management Team is fundamental to our ‘cradle-to-grave’ approach to Asset Management.


Through the delivery of our Product Management Strategy, the Product Management team is working tirelessly to develop innovative solutions in the areas that are important to today’s railway. Whilst not every good idea may come to fruition, we are exploring and trialling a number of technologies, including:

  • Decarbonisation – leading the way in developing hybrid drive technologies that will significantly reduce emissions from our existing fleets in the short-term, whilst also exploring hydrogen and natural gas as longer-term replacements for diesel.
  • Digitisation – working collaboratively with technology partners, we have developed and implemented condition monitoring systems that identify faults as they develop, allowing preventative action to be taken and avoiding disruption to passengers.
  • Obsolescence – leading the way on digital manufacturing, we produced and installed the first 3D-printed replacement parts on Britain’s trains.

Responsive and adaptable, we are committed to keeping our trains fit for today – and tomorrow.

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